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A multipurpose utility library for Python 2 and 3.

The library namespace is tocoli. For information on available packages, modules and functionality see Structure.


Sorting dictionaries

Sort a ‘list’ of ‘dict’ by simply defining the keys you like to sort by in order from last to first.


>>> dicts = [{'firstname': 'Bob',   'lastname': 'Abel'},
             {'firstname': 'Alice', 'lastname': 'Bond'},
             {'firstname': 'Carol', 'lastname': 'Bond'},
             {'firstname': 'Bob',   'lastname': 'Bond'},
             {'firstname': 'Carol', 'lastname': 'Abel'},
             {'firstname': 'Alice', 'lastname': 'Abel'}]
>>> from tocoli.sort import sort_dicts_by_value
>>> sort_dicts_by_value(dicts, ['lastname', 'firstname'])
[{'firstname': 'Alice', 'lastname': 'Abel'},
 {'firstname': 'Bob',   'lastname': 'Abel'},
 {'firstname': 'Carol', 'lastname': 'Abel'},
 {'firstname': 'Alice', 'lastname': 'Bond'},
 {'firstname': 'Bob',   'lastname': 'Bond'},
 {'firstname': 'Carol', 'lastname': 'Bond'}]

A Domain Specific Language for intuitive function calls

The dsl package provides a coherent style to access the tocolib modules and functions as module or static class functions.


>>> from tocoli.dsl import sort
>>>, ['lastname', 'firstname'])
[{'firstname': 'Alice', 'lastname': 'Abel'},
 {'firstname': 'Bob',   'lastname': 'Abel'},
 {'firstname': 'Carol', 'lastname': 'Abel'},
 {'firstname': 'Alice', 'lastname': 'Bond'},
 {'firstname': 'Bob',   'lastname': 'Bond'},
 {'firstname': 'Carol', 'lastname': 'Bond'}]
>>>, 'Karol', ['firstname'])
[{'firstname': 'Carol', 'lastname': 'Bond'},
 {'firstname': 'Carol', 'lastname': 'Abel'},
 {'firstname': 'Alice', 'lastname': 'Bond'},
 {'firstname': 'Alice', 'lastname': 'Abel'},
 {'firstname': 'Bob',   'lastname': 'Abel'},
 {'firstname': 'Bob',   'lastname': 'Bond'}]

Powerful mapping

Use recursive mapping to apply functions to nested data structures.


>>> from tocoli.dsl import map
>>> def upper(item, parent):
        return item.upper()
>>> map.recursive(dicts, upper)
[{'firstname': 'BOB', 'lastname': 'ABEL'},
 {'firstname': 'ALICE', 'lastname': 'BOND'},
 {'firstname': 'CAROL', 'lastname': 'BOND'},
 {'firstname': 'BOB', 'lastname': 'BOND'},
 {'firstname': 'CAROL', 'lastname': 'ABEL'},
 {'firstname': 'ALICE', 'lastname': 'ABEL'}]
>>> map_keys = (map.DEFAULT | map.DICT_KEY) ^ map.DICT_VALUE
>>> map.recursive(dicts, upper, map_keys)
[{'FIRSTNAME': 'Bob', 'LASTNAME': 'Abel'},
 {'FIRSTNAME': 'Alice', 'LASTNAME': 'Bond'},
 {'FIRSTNAME': 'Carol', 'LASTNAME': 'Bond'},
 {'FIRSTNAME': 'Bob', 'LASTNAME': 'Bond'},
 {'FIRSTNAME': 'Carol', 'LASTNAME': 'Abel'},
 {'FIRSTNAME': 'Alice', 'LASTNAME': 'Abel'}]

What’s New

  • Changed minimum requirement: passlib>=1.7.0
  • The former dsl module is now an own subpackage.
  • The keys parameter notation for sorting functions changed.
  • There are new flags paramter options for mapping functions.

For more detailed information on current changes check the change log.



tocoli - root
The tocolib wraps the six library (Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities) at the root. Thus all six packages and modules are also available under the root namespace.


dsl - a domain specific language for tocolib
Python, like it should be. The module contains a domain specific language for common functions like filtering, sorting, mapping and more. All functions have a consistent API and results.


auth - common authetication helpers
Its dangerous out there. This module is all about passwords, hashes, salts, tokens and api keys.
cmp - compare utilities
For those who like to compare apples with pears. Make different data types comparable.
enc - encoding functions
Encoding without pain. Provides universal encoding functions.
filter - filter functions
The good ones go into the pot, the bad ones go into your crop. Advanced functions to filter dictionaries or lists of strings.
fn - common lambda functions
To Be or not to Be: That is the question! Short value extractor functions and more.
join - join/reduce/folding functions
Bring together what belongs together.
map - mapping functions
It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done. Map data by applying any higher-order function to it.
ratio - ratio functions
Comparisons make unhappy, but can be quite useful. Provides ratio functions for varios purposes.
regex - regular expression utilities
Find what you are searching for. Generate common regular expressions.
sort - sort functions
Chuck Norris is able to sort black pens by color. Sort data by value or keys.
spell - spelling utilities
Life doesn’t come with spell-check, but tocolib does.
test - testing and benchmarking
Tests cant prove the absence of bugs. Thus test as good as you can.
type - type conversion utilities
What doesn’t fit is made to fit. Universal type transformations.

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